VobBlanker has a function which can convert motion menus into still frames. This can help in reducing the DVD size for backups.


Currently the Motion2Still feature is in "experimental" phase and can cause a non working menu. Use with caution.

DVD’s are authored in various ways, thus having different types of motion menus. This guide is just the basic “how to”. You may need to change or combined steps to reach your personal preferences. I suggest examining your DVD menus structure (flow) before using the Motion2Still. You can use your software player, VobBlanker preview function, or any other editing tools which allows you to preview. Here are just 2 sample types of menus you can find.

TYPE A (3 cells in one PGC)

TYPE B (4 cells in one PGC)

Your sub-menus can also have the same structure. (main menu> intro> menu> sub-menu> intro> menu> outro) Some menus my have the Outro in its own PGC. While others menus may not have an Outro at all.

In the more >> setting there is a Reducing to Still area.

Blank cells without buttons. This will blank any cell that has no buttons in the selected PGC. In menu TYPE B the Intro and Outro will be blanked if this option is checked off.

Selection of I frame. The options are: First, Middle, Last and Auto(=largest I frame) this will select the I frame when using the One Still button on a menu PGCs. In the case of menu TYPE A First, Middle, Last and Auto options will only apply to the button(second half) part of the Intro cell.

Min still time in buttons cells. This will force the minimum duration of these cells.

Max still time in no-buttons cells. This will change the duration of a non button cell. If the original cell is 30 sec. long it will be changed to 5 sec.(default) still.

The still times only apply when the audio is not kept. If the audio is kept the still will play to the end of the audio.
Please read the Help file for more information.

One Still

In the TitleSet window select the Title Set (VTS_0X_*.VOB) your menu is in.

Press the Menu button and a pop up window will appear. In the Language Units window select your menu and that menu PGCs will be shown in the lower window.

Right click> Select> All with buttons and press the One Still button. VobBlanker will then ask if you want to keep the audio. YES to keep and NO to delete the audio.

More setting options (global settings) will be applied to all the selected PGCs. Note the action column will change form Keep to Still w/(or w/o) audio.

Press OK.(Repeat on other PGCs if necessary.)

Cell Stilling

In the TitleSet window Select the Title Set (VTS_0X_*.VOB) your menu is in.

Press the Menu button and a pop up window will appear. In the Language Units window select your menu and that menu PGCs will be shown in the lower window.

Select the PGCs you want to still the cells in (you can use the preview to double check). Then click the Cells(1) button and the cell list window will pop up for that PGC.

Select the cell to still and click the still(2) button. A “cell selector” will pop up with a preview. In this window you can set the I Frame Selection(3). Default= what ever the global settings are, Auto= largest I frame, Custom= user selection and the others are self-explanatory. If we select the Custom option you can use the slider to the left to scan through the cell or the Prev. and Next buttons.(don’t use the slider at the bottom)
After you have selected the frame you want. Press the Mark(4) button and check the keep audio option.
Press OK(5) to set the action (the action column will change to reflect the type of still). Edit other cells if wished then press Apply>OK when done.

In menu TYPE A Intro cell, do not select a custom I frame in the first part of the cell, where the buttons are not active.

In the Cell List window cells# 1 and 4(highlighted in Yellow) do not have buttons. You can blank them by holding Ctrl+ clicking cell 1 and 4 then pressing the blank button. The Action column will change to Blank. OR you can still them too.

Menu Processing Only Tip

If you want to just still the menus and leave the title untouched. You can do this by checking the Use Input Folder in the settings area. Uncheck Process Titles and the Change post into precomm(both). This will process the menus in same folder as the input, while creating a "VobBlanker_backup" folder with the original menus.

Additional tip
Since the Motion2Still is in "experimental" phase. here is a method to test if your menus will work using minimal hard drive space. Set the input folder, set the output folder (menu test), go to the Blank menu and select All(or Alt+A). This will only blank the titles not the menus. Still your menus and then process. Depending on the size of your menus you can use as little as 10 MB. Test the menus with your software player.

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