Blanking with VobBlanker

In the Settings area (check boxes) you will see Change post into precomm (Safely) and Change post into precomm (Always). I normally leave the default setting to Safely. Here is some more info from VobBlanker help files.

Change post into precomm (Safely): Change postcommands into recommends when blanking titles. Safely means do it only if there arenít cell commands in the PGC.
Change post into precomm (Always): Unconditionally change postcommands into pre commands when blanking titles.
Beware: If you are going to replace a blanked title with a new one (running VobBlanker twice), do not use these options when blanking (the first run), they are not easily reversible.

The reason for changing commands will prevent you from seeing a blank screen for the duration of the video instead it jumps to the next visible video.

By clicking on the More >> button there will be more settings which can be changed.

In the Menus and Titles area there is Clear audio/subs stat.(and attrib) when blanking having these checked off will reset the audio and subs status. Having them unchecked will keep the streams in the blanked domain.

NOTE: There has been problems reseting the audio/subs when blanking. You can read more about this here.

Prev PGCN pointer to itself check box is always safe to use. it allows you to restart the playback from the origin in the first program of any PGC, pushing "prev chapter" on the remote.
Next PGCN pointer to itself allows you to finish the playback of the current PGC in the last program, pushing "next chapter" on the remote. this is not always safe to use only if - The pointer is already not null, There are no postcommands, The PGC has no cells, The PGC has buttons and if the PGC has stills. VobBlanker takes this into account when the option is checked and will not change the pointers if any of these are true. (thanks to Jsoto for info)

Selecting multiple items

In some occasions you might want to blank multiple items. Instead of selecting a item and clicking blank all the time you can use Hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts. Hold down the SHIFT key and click on the top and bottom choices of the range of your items. All choices in between will be selected. Hold down the CTRL key and click on all your items. Click again to de-select any choice.There are also other selecting options by right clicking. Select all, keep all, blank all, etc. Also in the menu PGCs if you right click there is the select> all, all with buttons and all w/o buttons.

VobBlanker can blank at different levels. video title set (VTS), Program chain (PGC) and at the Cell level.

Video Title Set (VTS) Blanking

Select VTS_0X_*.VOB, right click and Blank. This will blank the complete VTS.

VTS_03_*.VOB of this movie is the studio intro which plays before the movie starts. we want to blank this.

As we can also see, in the PGCs in selected TitleSet the intro is the only entry in this title set. The Duration is 00:00:22.20 and the Size is 13MB.

Select VTS_03_*.VOB, right click and Blank. This will blank the complete VTS.

Program chain (PGC) Blanking

Select VTS_0X_*.VOB, then select the entry in PGCs in selected TitleSet and click blank. Repeat on other entries if necessary.

Example: Sometimes we can not blank a complete title set because there might be other PGC (entry) we want to keep. VTS_04_*.VOB has 8 PGCs. We would like to blank a trailer that is entry 2. Highlight entry 2, then click the blank button.(we can even preview to see what we are blanking by clicking the Prev/Cut button) Under the Action column it will change form Keep to Blank. You will also notice a Commands column this will tell you the number of Pre-commands (PR=), Post-commands (Po=) and Cell-commands (Ce=). This is helpful to know when using the change post into precomm options

Cell Blanking

Select VTS_0X_*.VOB, then select the entry in PGCs in selected TitleSet and click Cells button. The Cell list Dialog window will pop up. Select the cell and click blank. Repeat on other entries if necessary.

Example: The above entry has 37 cells. Cells 1,2,35,36 and 37 are cells we want to blank (cells 1 and 2 is the studio intro and cells 35 to 37 are the end credits)

You can check this by using the Pre/Cut button. See previewing with VobBlanker guide.

In the Cell List window select # 1 then hold Ctrl and click cells 2,35,36 and 37 then clck the blank button. Click Apply.

You will notice the Action column will change form Keep to Blank and in the PGCs in selected TitleSet window it will changed to Cells.

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