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Project save, load, new...
GFD is not crash resistant (however which program is that already...), in particular the GDI+ DLL (as well as the DirectShow interface within GFDDSView) sometimes crash also on my system (although very rarely).  In order not to lose the "work" thereby, you should save the project (then you can load it again after a crash). The commands are in the menu bar within 'File':

Save stores the current project in the output directory under the current file name (if you have not loaded an old project or assigned a new name with Save As, always the default name:  DVDProject.gfd is used) without questions. If there is an error you may need the XML Parser from microsoft.
With Save As you may save the project with its own name assigned (afterwards this name is also used with save).
With Open you can restore a saved project again, whereby all relevant settings are taken over (does not apply for:  Temp directory, Burn options, Autogroup, TV save area).
With New the current project is reset (all films, buttons, menus are removed), has no meaning if GFD is freshly started. Because there are now around 80(!) parameters in the default settings, I recommend to save also 'empty' projects as 'templates'. There you may save your favorite settings for different types of DVDs (like holiday, series, films...) In general all settings are saved except 'Permanent' and output directory. Since version 0.92 you may open such a saved project also with a double click in the Windows Explorer (or another filemanager)

Since version 0.93 GFD tries to find the resources (files) in your own defined folders (OutDir, OwnDir, Source directory... and at last in the directory from where you have loaded the gfd file), if a project file from someone else (or an 'old' own file) is loaded. This allows you to 'share' project files as templates more easily.
For GifMasks there is one specialty: GifMasks are always loaded from the own GifMasks directory (usually \GUI for dvdauthor\GifMask). If a GifMask isn't found there, GfD trys to load it from the directory from where you have loaded the gfd file. If the GifMask is found there, it is 'valid', but will be shown in brackets like  <mask.gif> within the correspondent dialogs (Button and Image/Animation dialogs).