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Default Settings:

6. Videos and images
If you are nearly always using the same number of chapters (or the same interval of minutes), you can select this as default here. If one of the auto create methods is set, the chapter marks are automatically calculated if you add your video file. Default=off
If you want to use ChapEditGFD to create the chapter marks only (without images or clips), you can activate the 'Start ChapEditGFD with marks only' checkbox. Within ChapEditGFD, you can nevertheless create images or clips, as this is just a default setting.

For animated menus a clip is automatically created for the animated button. If you want to crop some borders, you may enable 'Apply these crop settings:' and set the desired crop settings. These settings are also used for chapter clips in titleset/chapter menus. This parameters can also be set from ChapEditGFD. For the crop settings you may either enter a single number (like 16) or use the Avisynth crop syntax:
x1,y1,-x2,-y2 where x1 is the number of pixels to be cropped from the left and y1 from top. The values x2 and y2 have to be negative (even if 0, then use -0) and represent the number of pixels to be cropped from the right (x2) and from botton (y2). If only a single number is used, all sides are cropped with the same value.

The settings for GifMasks are the same as described for text buttons but without highlight settings, as only buttons are highlighted.
Another difference is that for images/animations the mask is drawn ON the image/clip (image is behind the mask).

Own Pictures path: Path for your own images and animations. This path is used if you select 'OwnDir' in the add/select image dialog.
Own Audio path: Path for your own sound files. This path is used if you select 'OwnDir' in the Menu Background dialog.