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Default Settings:
2. Menu

Global Default Sizes for Images, Animations and Text with fixed size:
Here you can set the size for pictures and animations as well as text with fixed size (by default text is always with dynamic size, but you can however use 'Fixed size' in the text dialog;  if you click on 'Use default ', the size set here is used).  The values are width and height in pixels. The 'Size for graphical elements' may also be set with one of the presets (500x400, 400x320...) The actual presets depend on the setting for 'Aspect Ratio for Size Presets'.
Aspect Ratio for Size Presets: The aspect ratio to be used for the preset sizes for graphical elements. 0.93 corresponds to an aspect ratio of 1:1 on a PAL 4:3 TV. The menus are created with 720x576 pixel, which corresponds to an aspect ratio of  1.25. The DVD Player will rescale this to a 4:3 aspect ratio (1.33) and therefore enlarge the width of the picture slightly (to 768 pixel). In order to show a 1:1 picture as 1:1 on a TV it has to be rescaled to an aspect ratio of 0.93 on the 720x576 menu. The same applies for NTSC, but here the menu is enlarged in height (720x480 -> 720x540). Therefore an aspect ratio of 1.13 has to be used on the menu to get a 1:1 picture shown correctly. The other options are 1.25=PAL 4:3, 1.5=NTSC 4:3 1.75=PAL 16:9, 2.0=NTSC 16:9.

Some menu settings apply to the whole project:
Global HighLight/Activated properties (for all menus):
- the width of Frame Buttons (whether Frame or Fill Buttons are used can be set per menu differently). 
- whether text also becomes "dyed" for buttons with mask and activated option 'Use GIF MASK for highlight'
- Since masks can be zoomed, these can stick out of the visible range. Since spumux cannot deal with it, there is an error in this case if you start CreateDVD. But you can select here that in this case the masks are clipped (default = switched on).
Global aspect ratio for menus: Indicates whether the menus are created in 4:3 or 16:9. Since a PC screen is normally 4:3, 16:9 menus are then more broadly shown on the final DVD (you will not see this in GFD except in the preview). In order to consider the streching, you may choose a narrow character font (e.g. Arial Narrow). 
Letterbox/PanScan/Both: Is only important for 16:9 menus. If a 16:9 menu is shown on a 4:3 monitor/TV, there are two possibilities to show the menu: Letterbox or PanScan. Each mode requires an own 'subtitle stream' with the highlight/activated informations. This reduces the maximum number of buttons per menu: On a 4:3 menu you may use up to 36 buttons, for a 16:9 menu with either Letterbox or PanScan 18 and for a 16:9 menu with both Letterbox and PanScan only 12. With MuxMan as authoring engine you can use either Letterbox or PanScan, or also both possibilities. For dvdauthor only Letterbox is implemented.

Default HighLight/Activated style and properties: Here the appearance is determined for the "emphases" of buttons, if these are selected and/or activated in a menu.
Default HighLight/Activated style:

Default HighLight properties

Default Activated properties: The same for activated buttons.