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Default Settings:
5. Back Button

The Back Button (back to the prior menu) is the only button which is automatically created by GFD 'in behind' (you do not see it at the time this button is created). Therefore you may define the look of this button quite exactly here. The mask settings are as before described for the text buttons. You may define your back button as either text (with a default text here) or graphic (then you can set the size here). If 'Graphic' is selected, either an empty frame is created or a frame with the given mask. I would recommend to use a mask if you like the back button as graphical button. The position can also be defined here (default is lower right corner). Remark: The max. Y-Position is dependent on the PAL<->NTSC setting (as PAL has 576 lines and NTSC 480). As for 'normal' buttons, you may choose to have an outline effect if the Back Button is a text button and also the color for the outline.