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Align and distribute

This function should be pretty self explaining. A similar functionality is used in a lot of drawing programs too. If you click and hold the left mouse button on the menu background, a frame is shown with which you can ‘encircle’ several objects (buttons, images, labels...). All objects with are fully enclosed, are selected (Remark: ‘Extrapolated’ Gifmasks are not taken into account!). If you have selected at least one object, a dialog with the usual functions is shown: Align left, right, top… as well as center or distribute (even spacing). Center and distribute can be used within the selected objects or relative to the whole menu page. You can also do several operations in a row (like align left and distribute vertically). As long as the dialog is visible, you can always go back to the original positions with a click on ‘Reset’ (thus you may try it out until it fits). After you close the dialog with Ok, the objects are repositioned definitely. It is not possible to select or ‘unselect’ objects within the selection frame. If you want to exclude an object from an alignment or distribution operation, you have to move it out of the selection box beforehand.
Remark: This function temporarily disables the raster.