How to convert a set of video files to DVD with a menu

(Note: this How-To creates the project using which the screenshots at the home page have been made.)

1. As described in the first How-To, click 'Edit videos, audio tracks and subtitles' on the main window, then click 'Add video files'. Choose the files you'd like to have on the DVD:


2. After clicking 'Open', all video files shall appear in the title list. (If they're not in the correct order, you can switch to 'Outline' view and use the 'Move up' and 'Move down' buttons to re-order them. Don't forget to set the language of the audio track.)


3. Go back to the main window, and check 'Group has menus':


4. Click 'Edit root menu of group':


5. The menu editor window shall appear. First, select the image you'd like to have as the background of the menu and choose the colors for normal, highlighted and selected menu entries:

(All menu buttons will appear in normal color when you play the DVD, except the one under the cursor which is displayed in the highlighted color. The selected color is used for about a second after you click the button.)

You shall now see the image, and a dotted line surrounding the so called safe area. It is highly recommended to put all menu buttons inside this area, because some TV sets may cut the edges of the image.


6. Click the 'Add' button to add the menu entries you need:


7. In the window which appears, you shall se a list of menu buttons which can be added. Select the ones names 'Play title', and click 'OK':


8. The buttons for the menu entries shall appear. Select the font you'd like to have:


9. Select the entries one by one, and enter the captions:


10. When you're ready, click 'Back' to go back to the main window:


11. All that's left to do is to specify the output directory and create the DVD, just like in the first How-To.