How to convert a single video file to DVD

1. First, select whether you need a PAL or an NTSC DVD. PAL and NTSC are the names of the two major television broadcasting standards, and DVDs created according to one of those standards often don't play well using equipment designed for the other standard. If you don't know which standard is being used in your country, see the list of PAL and NTSC countries in Wikipedia.


2. Click 'Edit videos, audio tracks and subtitles'.


3. On the new window which appears, click 'Add video files'.


4. Choose the video file you want to convert.


5. After clicking 'Open', DVDforger spends some seconds analyzing the file you selected. If it's decided that the file is valid and can be converted, you should see it appearing in the title list.


6. If the file contains audio, it will be added as the first audio track of the title. It's recommended to specify the language of the audio track.


7. Click 'Back' to go back to the main window.


8. Select the directory where the files to be burned to the DVD shall be created. Choose it carefully, because DVDforger will delete everything inside this directory when it starts the conversion process.


9. Click 'Create DVD' to start the conversion process.


When the conversion is finished, you'll find directories named AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS in the output directory. DVD burning software (such as ImgBurn or Nero) recognise this structure and will burn a correct DVD for you.