Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of video / audio files can be converted by DVDforger?

Short answer: If you can play the file in Media Player, there's a good chance that DVDforger can convert it.

Correct answer: By default, DVDforger opens video and audio files using AviSynth's DirectShowSource filter; if the file cannot be opened in default mode, it also tries to forcefully convert the frame rate to the final frame rate of the DVD. AviSynth scripts (must have the extension .AVS) can be used as well, in that case the Import filter is used for opening. It is also possible to define custom AviSynth functions for opening files; using this method, you can also use external source filters (such as MPEG2Dec or MPASource).


What kinds of subtitle files can be converted by DVDforger?

DVDforger supports SubRip (.SRT), SubStation Alpha (.SSA/.ASS) and MicroDVD (.SUB) subtitles.


I have an OGM/MKV video file with a second audio track and subtitles. How can I get DVDforger to put this audio track and the subtitles to DVD?

If you open an OGM/MKV file directly, DVDforger only sees the first audio track and no subtitles. However, it is usually possible to extract the second/third/etc audio track and the subtitles from the OGM/MKV file into separate files, for example using OGMcleaver. When you have the audio tracks / subtitles as separate files, you can use those in DVDforger.


Is it possible to keep already encoded MPEG-2/AC3 tracks without re-encoding?

No, and it's not planned either.


Creating DVD fails with the error 'Could not find PCM audio track in "set1title1audio1.avs"' in the logfile. What shall I do?

Please try to reinstall AviSynth first, and make sure you have version 2.5.7 or newer. The installer is in 'tools\AviSynth\AviSynth_257.exe'.

If this doesn't help, please report it as an error and include the file "set1title1audio1.avs" in the error report.