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Notes to shrinking (requant)

If your source material is just a bit to large to fit to one DVD, you may shrink the video file with requant. Requant is the precursor of Rejig and is based on the M2V requantizer from Metakine.
If you use it with care (don't go below 80% of original size), the result is usually very good. As requant can only work with elementary mpeg2 files, it is not possible to use it for mpeg1 or multiplexed material.
The function is quite easy to use: Start the Video and Audio files dialog and enter the new video size in the text field 'New video size' (or the percentage of the original in the field 'Factor'). Then activate the check 'Use Requant to shrink'. The requantized video file is deleted after multiplexing.
For several videos you may also use the automatic factor calculation function in the menu 'Start ->Auto calculate Shrink'. There a 'global' shrink factor can be calculated which is automatically set for all suitable (elementary mpeg2) videos: