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Edit author.xml file before DVD creation process
Since version 0.92 I have integrated a simple (Text-)Editor to edit the control files (i.e. the author.xml file or the muxman.mxp file for MuxMan) before the final authoring process. To use this option, just activate 'Edit author.xml file before DVD creation process' within the Def. Settings (tab: Project). After click on 'CreateDVD' all control files will be created and the editor will show up with the author.xml file (or the muxman.mxp file for MuxMan) already loaded.

The editor supports unlimited UnDo/ReDo, a 'Find' / 'Find again' option and a little bit syntax highlighting (for xml files only). But it cannot 'validate' your changes! If you want to edit the other control files (*.xml, *.bat and for animated menus *.avs) too, just load the files one after the other in the editor and save your changes. To end the editing, you have the following possibilities:
- Save current file and go on with CreateDVD (= Save+Go)
- Quit edit (without save) and go on with CreateDVD (= Quit+Go)
- Quit edit (without save) and cancel CreateDVD (= Cancel CreateDVD)

Example: Autorepeating DVD