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Using an Intro movie:

Intro is held very simple:  In the default project settings you can select a MPG file, which is played before the main menu (VMGM).  May be used with or without multi VTS ('Use Titlesets' on or off).  Attention the MPG file is not checked automatically (neither whether it is conform at all for a DVD, nor whether it fits to the other movies of the DVD in single VTS mode).  You may however get the necessary information with the 'Info' button right next to the intro movie path.  Since usually the same intro is used for different DVDs, it is saved in the defaults (you can change it nevertheless for each project).  The Intro is played ONLY at the start of the DVD.  You cannot access it from a menu (otherwise it would rather be a normal film). Since version 0.99.2 you can also use elementary streams (for MuxMan only elementary streams are allowed).
If you should have no idea, how to create a suitable multiplexed intro video, you can 'precreate' it with GFD:
- Start a new project
- Insert the video (and audio if necessary) of your intro movie as a 'normal' film.
- Untag 'Delete temp. files' in the default project settings (within 'Options for temporary files')
- Run 'CreateDVD'
- In the specified output\temp directory you can find the multiplexed intro which you may copy to your desired folder.