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Short description for Animated menus:
Animated menus are created with AVISynth, this must be thus installed (version 2.5.7 or higher). The mpeg decoding package DGMPGDec (version 1.4.8) is also necessary.  For encoding of animated menus HCenc_019 is used (QuEnc can also be used: QuEnc version 0.71 or higher) HCenc_019.exe and/or QuEnc as well as DGIndex and DGDecode.dll must be installed in the same directory as the dvdauthor.exe!. In order to use animated menus set the tag for 'Animated  menus' in the default settings and enter the time (in seconds).  For animated menus "loop" is standard, you can however switch it off in the menu background dialog or permanently in the default project settings. If you insert a film, an 'animated button' is created by default (this is a characteristic of the "Film" it can thus switched on and off in the video and audio files dialog). It consists of the button itself, and a 'substitute symbol picture' (avisynthpic.gif, automatically created if missing).  The button can be formatted as usual (also text/graphic…).  The substitute symbol picture can be formatted (size and if necessary also Crop) like a 'normal' background picture by right-click. Here you can change also the substitute symbol picture and even replace the animation stream (with MPEG or AVI files. Note:  Not checked for 'compatibility'!).
With MPEG a part of the file is copied, which only contains the number of frames used for the length of the animation.  Thus it is avoided that DGIndex creates a d2v file for the whole movie.  For animated background no copy is used, therefore you can use only elementary MPV/M2V streams or AVI files. The length of a background animation (as well as the corresponding audio file - if any) in seconds should fit to the time entered as 'Animation duration' in the default projects settings dialog. AVI files are always read in directly (in the AVISynth script with AVISource =…). 32 bit AVI files are rendered transparent over the background (either movie or still picture)
You may add additional 'free' animations with the 'Insert: Anim.' button. Free animations may be removed with the context menu (right click). As Avisynth cannot load animated Gif files, these must be converted to 32 Bit AVI. See also: Transparency effects
For all animated buttons and free animations 'Loop()' is used as standard in the Avisynth script, therefore it is not necessary to adjust the stream length to the animation time. For normal pictures and texts a mask is created and 'inserted' in Avisynth by overlay.  In the normal preview only the substitute symbol picture is shown. You can set a tag to 'AVS preview' in order to open the Avisynth script within the selected preview program. In this case no Highlight/Activated is shown.
Unfortunately this procedure (overlay and layer with mask) is quite slow… 

Remark: QuEnc seems to have problems with higher bitrates (> 5000) sometimes (rarely) and produces an 'rc buffer underflow' error.