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Preview and other settings in the 'Main Window' (may be changed at any time):


Use Raster: If activated, all elements (images, text, buttons) are moved in the given pixel raster (default = 16 pixel). Switch off to enable any positions (if elements are moved with the cursor keys, this setting is not used).
Auto Group: Is only functional for pure graphical buttons. If activated, buttons are moved together with the underlying image/clip (only if the image/clip and the button have exactly the same position and size). To access the properties of underlying images/clips, use Shift (or Ctrl or Alt) and right mouse button.
TV Safe Area: Shows dotted frames for 'TV Safe areas' (90% and 81% of total menu)

Preview (AVS/Highlight) : Normally GFD shows the actual menu internally with normal/highlight/activated buttons if you click on 'Preview'. Animations are only shown with their 'substitute symbol pictures'. If you like to preview the actual animation(s) activate AVS Preview and GFD starts avisynth to show the menu in a directshow window (or with your selected viewer program). AVS Preview is only enabled if animated menus are activated in the Def. Settings.