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Using chapter playlists is only possible with MuxMan as authoring engine. These can be used for several purposes:
- Show only selected chapters of a film (like a 'best of' for a episodic DVD where all episodes are chapters within one film)
- Simple possibility to jump to a specific chapter from the main menu (add all chapters starting from the 'jump to' chapter for this case)
- Show chapters in a different order (mainly used for AudioTitlesets where you can have one list ordered by artist, another one alphabetically by title and a third by random...)

To create a playlist, make sure that the main menu (or a main submenu) is loaded, select 'Insert' - 'Chapter Playlist' in the menu bar and position the button with the cross hair cursor on the menu background as usual. Within the next dialog you can choose the title (either a video or an AudioTitleset) for which the playlist should be created. After this selection you can set up the playlist.

The sequence corresponds to that in which the chapters/titles were added, you may change it however with the up/down arrow buttons. If you prefer a more 'random' order, you can click on the 'Rnd' button, which 'sorts' the chapters/titles randomly. One chapter/title can be added only once in a playlist (no duplicates allowed).

Edit Pre/Post Command:
Starts the VM-command editor. There you may change the pre and post commands for the playlist.

Technically a playlist is a title, therefore it is not allowed to jump from a playlist to another one if these are defined in different titlesets.

- The total number of movies (videos), AudioTitlests and playlists must be smaller than 100 (99 if an intro is used) as the DVD spec allows a maximum of 99 titles.