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Play all button:

Since version 0.99.2 a special 'play all' button may be inserted in the main menu (and only there!). The functionality is similar as in other dvd authoring programs and works with as well as without titlesets. To use it, make sure that the main menu is loaded, select 'Insert' - 'Play all button' in the menu bar and position the button with the cross hair cursor on the menu background as usual. In order to get a useful 'Play all button', the Start and End actions  in the Default project settings should be set up like this: .
Start action for Titlesets: Play movie (if you want to have a button for the titlesetmenu, change the action of the film button and/or add an additional free button with the appropriate action*) If no titlesets are used, this setting plays no role at all.
End action for Titles and Titlesets: Either Main menu or Titleset menu (it makes no sence to use Next title, as then the play all button would be useless).

* If you use MuxMan as authoring engine, you may use the start action: Show menu as well, but for dvdauthor it is necessary to set the action to Play movie. To change the action of the filmbuttons to show the titleset menu instead of starting the title directly, right click on the film button and change the action to 'g1=0;jump titleset X menu;' with X=number of the film/titleset (actually you only need to add the g1=0; before the already shown action).