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MuxMan vs. dvdauthor:

Beginning with version 0.99.2 also MuxMan may be used to create a DVD. The selection which program will be used ('authoring engine') can be found in the permanent settings. As the programs support partly different video and audio streams and require a completely different control logic, this setting has to be made before any video is inserted! (similar as the project settings for PAL<->NTSC...)

Short comparison of the different properties:

1. Dvdauthor
- Support for videos in 'undvd' resolutions (like from DVB or SVCD) as 480x480 or 544x576
- Ready muxed material can be used
- MPEG1 is supported
- Subtitles in text based formats (srt, sub...) may be used directly
- Quite simple syntax for control files

2. MuxMan
- Only mpeg2 elementary streams in dvd compliant resolution possible (no svcd resolution supported)
--- According to the MuxMan docu, mpeg1 should also work, but during my tests it always crashed
- Support for pcm audio (wav files)
- Faster for elementary streams (much faster with subtitles in SUP format)
- 16:9 menus can be created with both letterbox and pan&scan
- Less temporary space required (MuxMan directly creates the VOB files, without mpeg intermediate)
- More reliable multiplexer (according to mpucoder: ...far superior to any mplex based authoring program) but some users report sync problems nevertheless...
- Quite complex syntax for control files