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Specialties of the explorer view:

In the explorer view you can reload the video file dialog with a right-click on the appropriate Icon  . Similar you can preview the film with a right-click on  or change the background picture for the menus (also different pictures for different menus) with a right-click on  .  If you like, you may edit the positions for buttons/images... also 'numerically' here (since version 0.99.2). Some kinds of delete operations (submenus) are only possible in the explorer view.
(Either right click on the submenu entry to delete, or select it and press 'del'). Only the last added submenu within a given menu can be deleted.
Another function available only within the explorer view is changing of the Z-order for images, buttons, animations...

Notes to the Z-order
Z-order is the sequence how texts and/or pictures overlap each other, respectively which one is below or in front of the other.
Basically the following sequence is applied:
1. (Furthest in background) Background (whether animated or not)
2.  All (other) images.
3.  GifMasks on images (if any)
4.  Animations
5.  GifMasks on animations (if any)
6.  Free texts (labels)
7.  GifMasks on buttons
8.  Text of Buttons (NOT the attached pictures for graphical buttons)

Note:  Buttons should never overlap themselves, otherwise they are not recognized correctly by spumux.
You can change the Z-order of pictures, texts and animations, but only within pictures, texts and animations.
This can be done in the explorer view by drag & drop of the appropriate node. For example the BackButton can be moved onto the first Button (since version 0.83 the "BackButton" is always the last in the list, with older versions it always was the first). This is important if you like to use the buttons with the number block of your remote. Here the first button in the list is always "1", the second "2"...  These changes should be done as the final step if you have finished the layout of the DVD.  It may cause unwanted effects otherwise, if further elements are added or deleted.