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Default Settings:
4. Button

Default Button type
: May be either text (filename of MPEG is default) or graphic (empty frame which can be placed on imported images or animations - or the other way round: Drop an image or an animation into the empty frame). The Default size for graphical elements (see the tab: 'Menu') is used. Graphic + Label creates a graphic button, but adds a label (with the video name or chaptertext/number/time) in addition. The default position (left, right, below, top) of this label relative to the button can be selected too.
Remark: This label is not automatically deleted if you remove the button (or the film). You have to do this yourself.
If a text button is inserted (buttons except the 'back' button): Here you can select the defaults for text buttons.
Use GifMask: Determines if the selected Gif file is added to the button by default. Select the Gif file from the drop down list. All Gif files found in the GFD\GifMask directory are listed. The actually chosen Gif file is shown in a small preview. To set the size and position of the Gif file relative to the button, set the zoom factor (Rel.Size in percent) and offsets (for right/left and top/bottom in pixel). Furthermore you can set the mask as highlight (GifMask for Highlight). In this case the visible part of the Gif file (all not transparent pixels) is filled with the selected fill color as highlight. Or reversed (inv. GifMask for Highlight), then the transparent part of the Gif file is filled with the selected fill color as highlight. Or Highlight only, then the visible part of the Gif file is only used to create the Highlight for the button (the picture is not shown, except if the button is selected). The color of the Gif file is not used hereby, only the transparency information (color is replaced with the selected Highlight/Activated color and transparency). Have a look to the examples: Masks and buttons
Default Text for 'free'-Button: If you add a free (text-) button with 'add button' then the text set here as default is used. For chapter buttons, you can also select a default text, as well as to add the chapter number and/or the time code ('Add #' and 'Add Time/Title') This will be used if you add a chapter mark from the list and either text buttons or 'Graphic + Label' is selected as default button type. For Audiotitlesets you should use 'Add Time/Title' to get the title info as button/label.
Use outline effect by default: Same as for 'normal text' you may set the outline effect as default for a (text)-button as well as the color for the outline.
If a graphical button is inserted (buttons except the 'back' button)
Mask settings for graphical buttons: Same settings as for text buttons (see above).