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Copy a menu layout from another menu
The layout of another menu can only be copied to the current menu, if the current menu is empty (except the Back-Button naturally).  You can copy "main menus" only on "main menus" and Titlesetmenus (and/or their submenus) only on Titlesetmenus (and/or their submenus). What exactly (and from which menu) is to be copied, can be chosen from an own dialog. Filmbuttons and Menubuttons are automatically 'reclassified' to Freebuttons (and therefore these may also be deleted again). In order to copy an existing layout, open the (empty) Main- or Titleset menu and select the point "Copy menu layout" from the menu bar under 'Insert'. In the following dialog select the "source menu"  and select (or deselect) everything which is to be copied. An example can be found in the Short description for 'Switched menus'.