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Edit Button dialog:

This dialog is used if a text or button is added or edited (right click)

For text, only the first part is shown (text has no actions, nor Gifmasks), but the text effects shadow and block may be switched on or off.  Remark: Block and Outline cannot be combined. Outline is also possible for buttons (the outline color may also be changed).

The text edit field will show either a black or white background, depending on the chosen text color (you can hardly see black text on a black background). For multiple lines, use Shift + Enter (or Ctrl + Enter).
Alignment can be either left, centered or right (justified alignment is not possible, as it isn't supported by the used VB control; you can only try to add spaces within the text yourself for 'pseudo justified alignment')
With the T button the usual windows font selection is started. Similar the usual windows color selection is started if you click on the square below 'Color'. Same applies for the outline color, just click on the square right next to the text 'OutlineColor'.
Remove will delete the button or text. For 'undeletable' buttons (menu buttons and backbuttons) or other buttons which should not be visible on the final DVD, you can use Hide instead. Hide will automatically format the button as hidden (just one space character, normally not visible, no Gifmask, small fixed size). Hidden buttons are not created within the final DVD structure.

Action: If the button is automatically created ('Filmbutton' or 'Chapterbutton'), the action is normally correctly set. For a user defined button ('Freebutton'), you need to select the action here. See also: Free defined buttons and Jump and Call overview.

Dynamic Size: The size of the text (or button) is calculated according to the given font (and font size). You may use a fixed size (default is either the actual calculated 'dynamic' size or the default set in the menu default settings). The dropdown list can be used for fixed size presets depending on the selected GifMask (not available for text, only for buttons). Using fixed size for text is rarely necessary, but can be used for vertically centered alignment of several lines.
See also: Button Specials and Buttons & Masks

Switched menu settings: See Switched Menus