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(using NeroCmd or ImgBurn)
If you want to burn your DVDs with GFD, a few conditions have to be fulfilled:  Nero (at least version or ImgBurn (version must be installed, the path (Nero path) to NeroCmd.exe (or ImgBurn path for ImgBurn) must be correct, your DVD burner is selected under drive. For Nero also the correct version needs to be set (5/6 for versions 5.5.10.X to 6.6.0.X; and 6/7 for versions higher as 6.6.1.X). All these settings are in the tab: Permanent. Burning also works with the trial version of Nero, but after expiration of the trial time, only 2x as max. speed will be used to burn.
After click on Burn DVDGFD examines whether the NeroCmd.exe (or ImgBurn.exe) program is present in the selected path, and whether a CD/DVD drive is found under the letter of the selected drive. Afterwards it is examined whether there are files in the output directory\DVD\VIDEO_TS folder (if you have selected to use an ISO image file, the existance of an already finished image is checked as first step). If yes, it is still examined whether a recordable medium is in the DVD drive. For a DVD RW media it is also asked whether this is to be deleted before burning. If all conditions are fulfilled, it is finally asked whether you want to start burning (including the final size, delete and verify settings). After confirmation with OK, burning is started. 
Note:  NeroCmd does not write the (empty) AUDIO_TS directory on the DVD. If this directory was/is really necessary for any DVD player, could not be finally clarified. The sources in the InterNet go there apart.  But I know that commercial DVDs exist without this folder and I could never find a tread in a relevant forum, where someone could solve playing difficulties by just adding an empty AUDIO_TS folder to the DVD... 

If you know exactly what you do, you may switch on Auto burn DVD in the default project settings, then the DVD is burned automatically as the last step of "CreateDVD". In this case after click on "CreateDVD" it is first examined whether a recordable DVD is in the drive (for DVD RW media it is also asked if this is to be deleted before burning).