Features and Usage

What DVDSubEdit does:

  • DVDSubEdit works with vob files or sup files (created for example by PgcDemux, or VobEdit) and does not require any demuxing/remuxing (it works directly inside the VOB files, and processing is quasi instantaneous).
  • DVDSubEdit allows you to reposition your subtitles exactly where you want them, horizontally or vertically, for all display modes (4:3, widescreen, letterboxed, pan&scan).
  • DVDSubEdit lets you change the transparency and the color of each subtitle, or hide them entirely.
  • DVDSubEdit allows you to resynchronize your subtitles with your video, by changing the start time and the duration.
  • DVDSubEdit can run an OCR (optical character recognition) algorithm on your subtitles, so you can search them, modify them and export them as .srt.
  • DVDSubEdit allows you to remove annoying parts in your subtitles (for example, text intended for hearing-impaired persons). You can also selectively remove typos in the subtitles, all this without re-authoring!
  • DVDSubEdit allows you to edit your subtitles using an external bitmap editing tool (such as photoshop, Gimp, or even mspaint). You don't need to demux/remux anything, and it takes 1s to export/re-import the bitmap!
  • DVDSubEdit saves your changes directly inside the vob files (which is very quick), and also lets you export your subs to .sup and .srt format. You can also save individual subs as ppm.

How to use DVDSubEdit:

Check out the User Manual (or press F1 in the app).

Not yet implemented:

  • Colorscheme mechanism for menus. Currently, if you look at a menu subpic, you probably won't see anything because most menu highlights are transparent by default, until a button is selected, or activated. To see the highlights, you currently have to set all transparencies to 15.